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Earthbox Inn & Spa, San Juan island, WA
May 15, 2022
8 Ideas for a Fabulous Father’s Day Getaway to San Juan Island
Just say “no” to ties and socks this year and plan a San Juan Island Getaway for your Dad instead. To show him how you...
Coffee shop at Earthbox Inn & Spa in Friday Harbor
April 29, 2022
An Island without Starbucks - 5 Cool Coffee Shops in Friday Harbor
Part of the quaint charm of beautiful Friday Harbor is its utter lack of corporate food chains. No McDonalds, no Arby’s, no billboards, no traffic...
San Juan Island, Washington
April 18, 2022
Top Activities for Family Reunions & Business Retreats on San Juan Island
San Juan Island makes for an amazing place for a family reunion or a business retreat. It is so close to Seattle, only 45 minutes...
Bicycling Adventures on San Juan Island
April 1, 2022
5 Absolutely Amazing Bicycle Routes on San Juan Island
San Juan Island is known for its safe and scenic bike routes. If it’s a good work-out through picturesque farmland and panoramic views of the...
San Juan Island, Washington
February 24, 2022
Dogs are Welcome! Dog-friendly San Juan Island
“Happiness is a warm puppy,” Charles M. Schulz said and every dog owner knows what he means. Dogs are our babies, true family members, a...
San Juan Island, Washington
February 13, 2022
Puppy Paradise on San Juan Island
My name is Louis and I own the Earthbox Inn & Spa. I’m in charge of making sure that my fellow dog brothers and sisters...