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(Special note - proof of Covid vaccine required to book spa services)

Open Sky Earthbox Signature Massage
Look up; feel the gentle wind all around you. Lose yourself in the ultimate Earthbox Spa massage. Full-body Swedish touch, exclusive body oils, aroma therapy. Exfoliation leaves your back silky, hot stones melt tension, while facial massage hydrates and tones. The Open Sky leaves behind the gift of bliss.
60 min. $135 • 85 min. $185

Soothing Sea Relaxation Massage
A classic relaxation massage that combines kneading and long flowing strokes. Subtly you are swept by a soothing cascade of increased circulation, decreased stress, and a healthier body flushed of toxins. Let yourself be calmed by the wave.
60 min. $120 • 85 min. $170

The Sun Rises Therapeutic Massage
Just as the sun shares its light each morning, this therapeutic massage brings you the blessing of a better day. This massage targets achy and sore muscles with firm, smooth strokes, stretching and applying direct pressure to those hard-to-reach spots that cry for attention.
60 min. $130 • 85 min. $180

Please note that we require a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment and we require proof of Covid vaccination.