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Kayaking with San Juan Outfitters on San Juan Island
What to Expect - Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

I’m not exactly what you call a “water person” and to tell you the truth, the thought of sea kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, even...

Orca with Baby near San Juan Island - photo by Emily Schaller with San Juan Safaris
5 Ways to Treat your Mom this Mother's Day

Motherhood, the job, comes with precious little vacation time and only one holiday: Mother’s Day. Why do so many brave, kind, selfless, strong women do...

Breakfast at Cynthia's in Friday Harbor, Washington
How to eat Healthy on San Juan Island

There is nothing easier than eating healthy when vacationing on San Juan Island. For starters, the entire island is fast-food-chain free. We islanders treat our...

Bicycling Adventures on San Juan Island
5 Absolutely Amazing Bicycle Routes on San Juan Island

San Juan Island is known for its safe and scenic bike routes. If it’s a good work-out through picturesque farmland and panoramic views of the...