10 Surprising Health Benefits of a Full Body Massage

Posted on August 3, 2021

Most of us get a massage once or twice a year, when our back or shoulders hurt. Did you know though, that regular massage therapy has a myriad of benefits, ranging from alleviating mental health and chronic conditions to looking younger and more beautiful? Getting a massage should be on your regular self-care list, right along with getting your nails done, exercising and date night. We here at the Spa at Earthbox on gorgeous San Juan Island would love to be part of your self-care team. Contact us today for an appointment.

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1. Massage makes you beautiful…

The increased blood flow improves tour skin tone and reduces signs of aging.

2. …and happy…

During a massage the “happiness hormones” serotonin and endorphins get released into the bloodstream, combating feelings of depression.

3. …and sleepy…

The same hormones are also responsible for inducing a good night’s sleep.

4. …and calm…

Levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease during a massage, thereby lowering stress and anxiety.

Soothing Massage at the Spa at Earthbox on San Juan Island
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5. A massage can reduce chronic pain

The above-mentioned happiness hormones are also the body’s very own, natural pain relievers.

6. …and make you thinner…

The increased blood circulation aids the body’s metabolism.

7. …and healthier…

Reducing cortisol production and increasing serotonin and endorphin release boosts the immune system.

Attractive couple at the Spa at Earthbox on San Juan Island, Washington
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8. Massage helps with headaches…

Massage relieves muscle spasms, tension and can help loosen chronically tight muscles.

9. …and high blood pressure…

A consistent massage therapy regimen can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

10. Massage counteracts all of our sitting

We weren’t meant to sit all day. Massage can relax and correct postural imbalances.

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