The Best Places to Kiss on San Juan Island

Best places to kiss on San Juan Island
“Is not the kiss the very autograph of love?” – Henry Finck What can be more romantic than visiting a small island with breathtaking scenery and staying in a cute small town, where you can walk to everything? Kissing in such a place is more romantic. I have to admit I’m biased. Friday Harbor and San Juan Island are about the most romantic places in my world. My husband proposed here. We got married here. We visit often and retrace our steps…and kiss, with eyes and hearts wide open.

Driving Tour of the best Vistas on San Juan Island

Cattle Point Road, San Juan Island, Washington
Don’t let the weather stop you from visiting the island this winter.  There’s so much to do—and see—even from the comfort of your car.  This is a great time to take a driving tour of beautiful San Juan Island, listening to lovely music and taking it all in.  We have found the perfect spots just for you, where you suddenly come around a corner and the vista before you simply takes your breath away.

7 Tips on how to have a stress-free Holiday

Fall Leaves, San Juan Island, Washington
Are you looking for a little more joy in your holiday season?  Visit us on San Juan Island, where the slower pace of island life will greet you the moment you step off the ferry, where the quaint small town Holiday happenings will fill your heart with joy and put a smile on your face. Create meaningful memories with your family without breaking the bank or your patience. For many of us we’ve forgotten how to really enjoy the Holiday Season. We encourage you to take break and to take back your holidays.

My Favorite Spots to Visit on San Juan Island in the Fall

September Events Friday Harbor, Washington
Autumn is my favorite time of the year to visit San Juan Island. The long sunny days are made for endless walks on the beach and I absolutely love the color of the light.  I dream about the fall harvests as I stroll through the Farmers Market with its colorful abundance. I feel grateful and calm. These are my favorite spots to visit in the fall. I’m certain you will fall in love with them as well.

18 Packing Tips for Your Family Trip

Visit San Juan Island
Do you regularly bring home tons of clean, untouched clothes from your trips? Are you at a total loss when it comes to decide how many outfits to bring for the kids on an island trip? Do you have trouble deciding what to bring when both sea kayaking and going to a fancy restaurant are on the menu for your weekend getaway? If you are visiting San Juan Island for a night from Seattle or for a week from Spain, we have some Earthbox guest-tested, Island specific packing tips for you.