Puppy Paradise on San Juan Island


Louis, the owner of the earthbox Inn & Spa on San Juan Island

My name is Louis and I own the Earthbox Inn & Spa. I’m in charge of making sure that my fellow dog brothers and sisters have a lovely vacation here at our hotel and on our island. I lay on all dog blankets before we hand them out. I meet and greet our dog guests in the lobby and tell them the best places to sniff, run and get your ears blown in the wind. I know the gentlest dog groomers, finest pet friendly restaurants and must see beaches and parks on San Juan Island and today I’ll share all my secrets with you.

Earthbox Inn & Spa offers pet friendly lodging in Friday Harbor, Washington

How I get around the “not on the furniture” rule

Dog Friendly Lodging

We here at the Earthbox Inn & Spa offer designated dog-friendly rooms. For a  fee of only $25 per night per fuzzy thing (2 dog limit), your owners get to bring you and you’ll get a food and water station, tasty treats, cozy blankies and towels and access to our dog area. You are not only allowed in the lobby, but super welcome. If you are having a bad day, come to our lobby for some love, treats or a nap in front of the fire place. We are not allowed in the pool house for some reason, but who wants to wear a swim suit anyway, right?

Earthbox Inn & Spa staff beach clean up for Earth Day

Me and my staff at our annual beach clean-up for Earth Day

Best Beaches and Parks

If you are a swimmer, make your owners stop by Jackson’s Beach. This lovely spot has the best driftwood for swimming after sticks. The water is shallow and calm, in case you need to get your sea legs on. Your owners can picnic and barbeque or play volley ball in the court there. It’s so close to town, you can even walk from the Earthbox before going out for dinner.

Make sure to visit South Beach, San Juan Island’s longest beach with stunning views of Mt. Baker and the snow-covered Olympic Mountains--the perfect spot to run and let your ears flap in the wind. There is a lot of wildlife living here, from bunnies, foxes, otters and seals to every seabird you have ever smelled, so you’ve got to be good and stay on your leash. Sometimes you can watch Orca whales, while testing your driftwood log-climbing abilities. And you’ll almost always find a tennis ball one of us left as a present.