Casual Dining on San Juan Island

Enjoy breakfast with an ocean view . . . lunch at an outdoor table overlooking the harbor . . . family brunch or dinner in a hidden, beautiful garden, all an easy walk from Earthbox, your perfect base for a San Juan Island Vacation. Friday Harbor's casual dining choices range from local seafood and rustic pub fare at the Cask & Schooner to open-air dining high above the docks of Friday Harbor at Friday's Crab House. You might opt for vegan fare at Mike's Wine Bar or a burger and a shake at the fun, fifties' style diner Hungry Clam.

Fine Dining on San Juan Island

Treat yourself to dinner at one of San Juan Island’s fine-dining establishments, and you’ll realize the island’s artists include a cadre of superb chefs. (You’re equally welcome in sports jacket or shorts, dressed up or dressed down.)

Dining & Enjoying Friday Harbor

You've arrived and checked in. We'll help you decide what to do next.


It's the Pacific Northwest, so there are some great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—so great that you could plan your San Juan Island vacation around meals alone. Trust us—the island's high-caliber chefs serve up local fare in a very global way, often using the bountiful fresh seafood that swims around up here. Much of the fare comes directly from this group of islands.

Our San Juan Island Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Friday Harbor, our San Juan Island hotel is just five to ten minutes' walk from the ferry. If you're driving, don't worry about parking—we have plenty close to our guest rooms.

San Juan Island Activities

Yes, it's true, "island time" does exist. And we hope you sink into it and put your feet up on your San Juan Island vacation.

You might have grand plans of zipping around, but you've probably already started to relax on the journey to the Island, waving farewell to your worries and stress as your ferry pulled away from the mainland.

Welcome to Earthbox!

Yup: retro motor inn is who we are

Just four blocks away from the Friday Harbor ferry landing and in the heart of downtown, you're not far away from anything.

Earthbox Inn & Spa is just one of the San Juan Island hotels but it's the only one with an indoor pool and a classic retro chic. You'll also find staff here who can advise you on anything from kayak tours to dinner.