San Juan Island By Car

From your room at the Earthbox Inn & Spa, you will have the town of Friday Harbor at your feet. After you've sampled the delights of our historic port and cute coastal town, the rest of the island beckons.

Exploring San Juan Island by car could not be easier. There are a few must-see sites. Ask the Earthbox staff for seasonal ideas, maps, and directions. From town we will likely direct you toward Roche Harbor Road. This scenic byway winds its way up the east side of the island on its way toward the Roche Harbor Resort. There are some real gems on the way.

Hiking San Juan Island

Hiking on San Juan Island does not have to be hard work. Remember, you're on vacation. From leisurely coastline strolls to the slopes of Mount Young, there are trails to fit everyone and views at every turn.

The staff at Earthbox Inn & Spa is on hand with any directions or advice you might need to get you out and enjoying the best of San Juan Island.

In the meantime, here are a few hiking highlights to get you started:


American Camp


Shoreline & Tidepools & Beaches

One of the beauties of San Juan Island is its abundance of public shoreline. Indulge in the freedom of water-side trails, watch for whales from one of many public coastal view points, or stop for lunch on a pebbled beach.

Coastal look-outs


Bicycling on San Juan Island

When you come to San Juan Island you will see plenty of cyclists enjoying the weather and the scenery. And why not? Drivers are accustomed to bicyclists and there are plenty of places on the island to pull over and enjoy the view. Round trips tours on San Juan do involve some hills, but are still accomplished by many groups and families.

Kayaking From San Juan Island

The waters around San Juan Island provide some of the best and most beautiful kayaking in the world. Exploring the coastline from the water brings you that much closer to San Juan's magic. As you wind your way down the evergreen coast you'll spot bald eagles soaring above you, seals playing below you, and perhaps even Orca whales swimming by. Our staff will be happy to help you with your kayaking reservations. We suggest you reserve your trip at least a couple of weeks ahead of time to ensure getting just the trip and time you want.

Whale Watching

San Juan Island is famous for its varied wildlife, and the celebrities of this natural world are the Orca whales that cruise the surrounding waters from mid-April to early October.

Our Coffee Bar

Open Seasonally: July 1 to Labor Day

Sip your energizing morning coffee and enjoy a light breakfast from the Earthbox coffee bar on the patio by the pool. Or relax with a smoothie before an exhilarating day of sightseeing, trail walking, or whale watching on your San Juan Island vacation. Sweet island air, high-quality coffee beans, helpful staff eager to serve you . . . treat yourself!




Our Staff

Your goal is to enjoy your Friday Harbor vacation. Our priority is to make sure you do. Count on our famously friendly staff of locals for expert help. Advice about where to eat, where to shop, where to spot eagles? Special room arrangements like flowers or champagne? Reservations—at the onsite spa, or for kayaking or whale watching? How to get from here to there? Done. Our goal: to make this the easiest, most enjoyable, most entertaining vacation of your life.