Spa Staff

Rachael Netherton

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Rachael LIcensed Massage Therapist

It has been a joy working as our Spa Director and lead massage therapist since we opened. My greatest source of satisfaction is seeing my client’s quality of life improve. I love to see them feeling better both emotionally and physically after each session, and then taking that home. It is also rewarding helping to create a wonderful work environment for my fellow employees and to establish the highest level of care here at The Spa. We all look forward to making sure you feel cared for, revitalized, and significantly lighter when you leave.

Tara Martel

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Tara - Licensed Esthetician

I am a seventh-generation San Juan Islander and have been in practice for 20 years. I am the Spa's lead esthetician and nail technician and specialize in skin analysis, facials and nail care. I love to provide custom facials for long term results,  incorporating my extensive skin-care product knowledge and nutritional training to provide you personalized skin-care support with amazing results. I look forward to taking great care of you--from head to toe!

Melissa Wickey

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Melissa - Licensed Accupuncture and massage

I just moved to the island last year and I LOVE it!  From one archipelago (Hawaii) to another, I am happy to call the Pacific Northwest home.  I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and as a licensed massage therapist and accupuncturist, I bring a deep knowledge of the human body to my practice.  I also teach Kinesiology and Pathology at the Friday Harbor School of Massage and I believe that every moment in life is a teachable moment.

Kirk Fuhrmeister

Friday Harbor Earthbox Spa Massage Therapist Kirk Fuhrmeister

Having lived on San Juan Island for over 40 years, I have become very accustomed to the peace and pace, the ebb and flow of this beautifully natural setting. As an experienced Massage Practitioner of 28 years, I have developed varied and effective modalities that reflect the peace and comfort of this amazing environment. I offer a full range of techniques from gentle Reiki energetic work to effective and sensitive deep tissue therapeutic work to the Earthbox Signature Spa treatments. I see each client as unique and my massage work is reliably customized to fit each individual's needs.