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Posted on May. 27, 2015
Earthbox Inn & Spa

Try these amazing tips from our Spa Director Rachael to help you create glowing, healthy skin this Summer:

1)         Brighten and lift your eyes with an eye brow shaping. 

Eyebrows are one of your most important facial features! Shaping them can lift your eyes, narrow or widen your face, and make you look younger, lighter and more relaxed. Are you familiar with Sugaring, the old Egyptian technique of hair removal?  Check it out! Less painful and more permanent than waxing. Available at the Spa at Earthbox.

2)         Renew your Skin with a Full Body Exfoliation

The removal of dead skin speeds up the body’s skin renewal process, helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and ease discoloration. Remove the dead skin of Winter with a full body exfoliation treatment.  Our glorious skin polishing mixture used in the body treatments at our on-site day spa (The Spa at Earthbox), will moisturize you from head to toe, leaving your skin feeling soft and renewed; your body invigorated.Read More »

Posted on May. 20, 2015
Earthbox Inn & Spa helpful concierge

1)      Parking

The Earthbox Inn & Spa provides free, off street parking if not right in front, then very close to your room.

2)      Oversleeping

We’ll wake you up...Read More »

Posted on May. 12, 2015
Pelindaba Lavender Farms on San Juan Island


Check out these top 10 family-friendly things to do on San Juan Island, picked and tested by our guests! 

1)          Whale Watching

The best time to see Orcas in the wild is April through September, when our resident J-Pod is joined by the transient L & K-Pods to summer, party and eat lot’s of fish. Check out San Juan Safaris for an unforgettable boat tour.

2)          Lime Kiln State Park aka Whale Watch Park

Lime Kiln is considered one of the best places in the world to see whales from land. Learn about the Orca habitat, climb an authentic lime kiln, play in tide pools and on rocky cliffs.


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Posted on May. 4, 2015
Mother and Daughter on a San Juan Island Getaway


“The art of mothering is teaching the art of living to children” ~ Elaine Heffner

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is probably one of the most complex. We love one another unconditionally, yet nobody can irritate us quite like each other. We never wanted to be like our Mom, yet at times, it’s her voice we hear when we speak. We are terrified for our daughter, yet we did the exact same things when we were her age. And deep down we both know that we don’t have unlimited time. Let’s get away together and play! The pristine beauty of San Juan Island is the perfect place to celebrate and nourish our unique relationship.

We’ve compiled 10 marvelous outing ideas on San Juan Island, Mom & Daughter tested and approved:Read More »