10 Tips to Make Your San Juan Island Mom & Daughter-Getaway Unforgettable

Mother and Daughter on a San Juan Island Getaway
  “The art of mothering is teaching the art of living to children” ~ Elaine Heffner The relationship between a mother and a daughter is probably one of the most complex. We love one another unconditionally, yet nobody can irritate us quite like each other. We never wanted to be like our Mom, yet at times, it’s her voice we hear when we speak. We are terrified for our daughter, yet we did the exact same things when we were her age. And deep down we both know that we don’t have unlimited time. Let’s get away together and play! The pristine beauty of San Juan Island is the perfect place to celebrate and nourish our unique relationship. We’ve compiled 10 marvelous outing ideas on San Juan Island, Mom & Daughter tested and approved: