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The Spa at Earthbox Presents: How to Prevent Skin Problems and Feel Fabulous While Travelling

We’ve all been there, waking up on our romantic weekend getaway in paradise and feeling exhausted, not quite right in the belly, sporting a brand new zit with our hair looking awful. The skin is our biggest organ and is a telling sign for what’s going on in our bodies. There is a lot you can do to help with travel trauma. Check out these helpful tips from our knowledgeable staff:

  1. Combat Stress

Planning a trip can be stressful at times. Who’s feeding the cat, did you make ferry reservations, will everyone get along? Schedule yourself a relaxing massage, nourishing facial or rejuvenating body treatment at our adorable Spa at Earthbox. Every time you get nervous about your trip, picture yourself in one of our comfortable rooms, smelling soothing essential oils and relaxing deeply.

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Epionce products are paraben, fragrance, sulfate and gluten-free
  1. Epionce skin care  - the  answer to puffy eyes and skin blemishes

Our Spa’s gentle and effective Epionce skincare line formulas are paraben, fragrance, sulfate and gluten-free. Unlike many other products on the market, Epionce does not contain harsh ingredients that irritate the skin or cause unnecessary dryness. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin. To sooth puffy eyes and help visibly reduce dark circles, we swear by Epionce Eye Cream. Fight blemishes and breakouts with Epionce Lytic lotion, successfully calming the visible appearance of irritated skin without over-drying or leaving the skin feeling tight or stripped of its natural oils. 

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Find the finest body care products from the local Lavender farm in our guest rooms
  1. Nourish your hands

Do your hands get painfully dry when on the road? Worry not. We here at the Earthbox Inn & Spa provide body care products from the local Pelindaba Lavender Farm in our guest rooms. Their Lavender Lotion is simply amazing. If you love it as much as we do, pick some up at our gift shop for your trip home.

  1. Make it a Good Hair Day

Do the different water and unfamiliar products have your hair in a frizzy tizzy? Hop on over to the Spa and get yourself a small bottle of Davines OI ALL IN ONE HAIR MILK, to soften, detangle and fight frizz with Roucou oil. 

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Find spa products, snacks, gifts and more at our gift shop 
  1. Hydrate. Then Hydrate some more.

Dehydrated skin becomes dry, flaky and wrinkled. Dehydration also affects mood and energy levels. Drink more water than usual, especially when you travel by air. We here at the Earthbox Inn & Spa have filtered water available in our lobby for you to re-fill your water bottles often.

  1. Use Sunscreen – always

The gentle ocean breeze on our gorgeous isle will make your forget the true intensity of the sun at times. Always use sun screen, especially when going kayaking or whale watching, especially when it’s cloudy. We carry Epionce Sunscreen SPF 30 & 50.

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Healthy food is easy to find in Friday Harbor
  1. Watch what you eat

Eating poorly will affect not only your skin and your tummy, but also your overall well-being. Take some shelf-stable probiotics on your trip and start taking them a few days before you travel. Luckily there is nothing easier than eating healthy on San Juan Island. Many restaurants serve healthy, seasonal, island grown food, like fresh salads, lamb burgers, homemade soups and seafood.

  1. Sleep well

Not sleeping in your own bed, unfamiliar surroundings, strange sounds or no sounds at all, can cause insomnia at times. Go for a stroll through the cute coastal town of Friday Harbor after dinner or go for a swim in our pool. Turn the thermostat down before going to bed. Get some essential Pelindaba Lavender Oil at our lobby gift shop and dab some on your temples and or better yet, treat yourself to one of our Essential Oil Diffusers as your gift that keeps on giving.