Pod Nods - Slumber Party for Kids at the Whale Museum

Posted on June 26, 2024

Is your kiddo between 6 and 11 and totally into Orca whales? Does a night alone with your Sweetie - sans bébés - on your San Juan Island getaway sound utterly romantic? Why not leave your child at the Friday Harbor Whale Museum for a night! Yes, seriously!

On Friday, July 26 - Saturday, July 27 the Museum features Pod Nods, Pajama party sleep-overs for kids, ages 6-11. Supervised by Whale Museum educators, your little ones will enjoy games, crafts, science projects, snacks, a movie, breakfast and a whale of a good time. Preregistration is required. Events go from 6:30pm to 8:30am. And while the kids are having a blast, the adults can indulge in a romantic dinner in town and catch Shakespeare under the Stars. A mini romantic getaway within your family vacation. The best of both worlds!

Inside the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor

The Whale Museum, just a few blocks from the Earthbox Inn & Spa, is a fantastic, hands-on, natural history museum and the first to be dedicated to a species living in the wild. You can see real whale (and other cool) skeletons, learn all about the Blackfish’s habitat, history and environmental challenges, listen to whale sounds and songs in a bright red telephone booth, and even adopt a whale as a family. Don’t miss it.