5 Most Commonly Forgotten Items in our Hotel Rooms

Updated June 2017

They say when you accidentally leave something behind, you secretly wish to return there. We think that’s true. Who wouldn’t want to return to beautiful San Juan Island?

Can you guess what the 5 most commonly items are left behind at the Earthbox Inn & Spa?

1.     Cell Phone Chargers

We have so many, we could open an electronics store. Try putting your plugged in cell on top of your bag or a book. Clustered items are less likely to be left behind.

2.     Reading & Sun Glasses

  Of course, if you’re reading this now, you probably didn’t leave those behind.

3.     Stuffed Animals

We call all our guests when we find even the tiniest, unimportant looking item, but stuffed animals get the highest priority. It breaks our heart to think a little one won’t be able to sleep tonight.

4.     Toiletries

Just remember, all our body care products come from the local, organic Pelindaba Lavender farm. No need to bring your own.

5.     Boxer shorts

Are you feeling a little underdressed, or have you just decided that going commando is your new thing? 

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever left behind?