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Posted on Jul. 10, 2017
Deadman Bay on San Juan Island

With kids in school and 9 to 5 jobs you are most likely going on vacation when everybody else is; in the Summer, on weekends and holidays.  Everything is crowded, takes a little longer and is more expensive. Not so on beautiful San Juan Island.Read More »

Posted on Jul. 3, 2017
Lavender Festival

Visiting San Juan Island’s Pelindaba Lavender Farm is always a treat. The serenity and beauty of this place with its rolling lavender fields, speckled with gorgeous sculptures, adorable, historic farm store and snow covered Olympics as the backdrop, makes for the perfect spot to indulge all your senses. The only thing better is coming for the annual Lavender Festival on July 15 & 16 during the “height of purpleness”.Read More »

Posted on Jun. 12, 2017
Traveling with Purpose on San Juan Island, Cattle Point Lighthouse

Nowhere is ecological fragility quite as apparent as on an island in an ocean sharing its waters with wildlife, recreation and industry. I was painfully reminded about this in the beginning of this year, when word got out that “Granny”, the oldest Resident Orca, went missing and was presumed dead. I celebrated my own grandma’s 95th birthday that day and couldn’t help mourning the loss of their matriarch with the Orcas.Read More »

Posted on Jun. 7, 2017
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington

Find out what Seattle Refined Magazine has to say about the joys and ease of visiting San Juan Island without a car!
 Read More »