Face Care

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Tree of Life Organic Face Treatment
Nourish and protect your beautiful skin, using the finest Buriti Oil products from the palm tree known as the Tree of Life. Powerful antioxidants, cleansers, masks and moisturizers reach deep to shield your skin from aging, improve tone, and enhance your natural glow.
Tranquility Blend; Sacred Nature Massage Oil; Bio- Milk; Gommage; Mask and Massage Cream

30 min. $60 * 55 min. $105 * 85 min. $145

New Moon  Anti-aging Face Treatment
As the moon cycles around the earth, our skin loses elasticity and resilience.  Let us help you wind back the clock with our most effective anti-aging treatment protocol.  Experience the youthful effects of our Skin Regimen line as we use an innovative massage technique to stimulate blood flow and reinvigorate your skin.
Duo cleanser; Night Renewer; Juvenate-Pro Booster; Hydra-Pro cream gel; Juvenate eye balm

55 min. $105 * 85 min. $145

Waves of Purity Purifying Blemish Clearing Treatment
Feel the cleansing waves wash away traces of the past with deep-cleansing green clay mask and restart your skin with an enzyme resurfacer fortified with brightening Vitamin C. The future begins anew with a layer of mattifying hydration.
Tranquility Blend; Active Gel, Tonic, Chrono-reverse Enzyme Peel; Pureness Mask; Hydramemory Serum; Extra Cream Anti-Aging; D-Age Massage Cream; Sacred Nature Lip Balm

55 min. $105 * 85 min. $145

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