Spa Staff

Rachael Netherton

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Rachael LIcensed Massage Therapist

I’ve lived on this magical island for nearly half my life and as the Earthbox Spa Director, I try to bring this special magic to each spa experience. I've been practicing massage for over 12 years and have developed a passion for intentional healing. This involves focusing and taking the time to be present to the individuals needs in each session using a wide variety of techniques such as slow movement deep tissue, hot stone, and relaxation. I look forward to making sure you will feel cared for, revitalized, and significantly lighter when you leave.

Tara Martel

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Tara - Licensed Esthetician

Tara is a seventh generation San Juan Islander and has been in practice for 20 years.  Tara is our lead esthetician and nail technician and is an expert at skin analysis, facials and nail care.  She gives amazing custom facials for long term results.  She also incorporates her nutritional knowledge & training along with an exgtensive skin-care product knowledge to provide customized skin-care support with amazing results.  Tara will take great care of you--from head to toe!

Melissa Wickey

Earthbox Inn & Spa - Melissa - Licensed Accupuncture and massage

Melissa just moved to the island last year and LOVES it!  From one archipelago (Hawaii) to another, she is happy to call the Pacific Northwest home.  Melissa believes in a holistic approach to wellness and as a licensed massage therapist AND accupuncturist, she brings an extraordinary level of knowledge of the human body to her practice.  Melissa teaches Kinesiology and Pathology at the Friday Harbor School of Massage and she deeply believest taht that every moment in life is a teachable moment.  We are delighted that Melissa is now calling our little island paradise home for her and her family.

Relissa Goad

Friday Harbor Earthbox Spa Esthetician Relissa Goad

As an esthetician on San Juan Island with 3 years’ experience and nearly 10 years research under my belt, I am dedicated to full-body skin health and healing. Using a variety of techniques including the classical Esalen touch, manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, hands on energy work and our high quality [ComfortZone] skincare products I will provide you with a facial uniquely designed for you and your skin. Within every session I focus not only on performing a treatment that is fitted to your skin type and personal needs but creating an environment of rest, for healing and health within.

Rebecca Clarke

Friday Harbor Earthbox Spa Esthetician Rebecca Clarke

I've called San Juan Island home for most of my life and know from within how exquisite a haven this is. I hope that you will experience not just the relaxation of the island, but also the special luxury of The Spa at Earthbox. I've been practicing the 3,000 year old art of Sugaring for over 15 years now. I'm also a licensed esthetician and adore working with the fantastic skincare line offered by [ComfortZone]. Let the magic of this place and our spa work on you!

Kirk Fuhrmeister

Friday Harbor Earthbox Spa Massage Therapist Kirk Fuhrmeister

Having lived on San Juan Island for over 40 years, I have become very accustomed to the peace and pace, the ebb and flow of this beautifully natural setting. As an experienced Massage Practitioner of 28 years, I have developed varied and effective modalities that reflect the peace and comfort of this amazing environment. I offer a full range of techniques from gentle Reiki energetic work to effective and sensitive deep tissue therapeutic work to the Earthbox Signature Spa treatments. I see each client as unique and my massage work is reliably customized to fit each individual's needs.