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Lime Kiln Lighthouse San Juan Island Washington
Happy 99th Birthday - Lime Kiln Lighthouse!
If San Juan Island were to be summed up in one picture, it would be a picture of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse at the Lime...
Nature on San Juan Island
7 Unique Ways to experience Nature on San Juan Island
Being out in Mother Nature is said to quiet the mind, heal the heart and rejuvenate the body. Seeing breathtakingly beautiful vistas, a wild Orca...
Mother's Day on San Juan Island
5 Ways to Treat your Mom this Mother's Day
Motherhood, the job, comes with precious little vacation time and only one holiday: Mother’s Day. Why do so many brave, kind, selfless, strong women do...
Volunteer on San Juan Island
Voluntourism on San Juan Island - Be part of something bigger!
We all know what a difference a day makes, how good it feels to help others, how full our emotional coffers are after experiencing something...
Wildflowers on Yellow Island
10 Reasons to visit San Juan Island in the Spring!
The days are getting longer, the Orca Whales are returning, the birds and the bees are having babies, there are flowers everywhere. San Juan Island...
Girlfriend Getaway on San Juan Island
Girlfriend Getaway San Juan Island - In Search of the Rain-Shadow
It all started with a selfie, when I was searching for a title picture for my article How to Plan the Perfect Girlfriend Getaway to...