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Ice cream in Friday Harbor
5 Best Places to Eat with Kids in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
Eating out with kids in an unfamiliar place can be challenging, but also fun if you keep an open mind, especially in kid-friendly Friday Harbor...
Kayaking with San Juan Outfitters on San Juan Island
What to Expect - Kayaking in the San Juan Islands
I’m not exactly what you call a “water person” and to tell you the truth, the thought of sea kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, even...
San Juan Island, Washington
Driving Tour of the best Vistas on San Juan Island
Don’t let the weather stop you from visiting the island this winter.  There’s so much to do—and see—even from the comfort of your car.  This...
Southern Resident Killer Whales
Know Your Orcas
10 Cool Facts About the Southern Resident Killer Whales Orca Whales in the wild are one of the great wonders of the world. San Juan...
Kayaking on San Juan Island
San Juan Island Bucket List - Kayaking with the Orcas
San Juan Island is one of the best places in the world to watch killer whales in the wild. While most people go on whale...
Breakfast at Cynthia's in Friday Harbor, Washington
How to eat Healthy on San Juan Island
There is nothing easier than eating healthy when vacationing on San Juan Island. For starters, the entire island is fast-food-chain free. We islanders treat our...