5 Bike Tours to take on an Earthbox Beachcruiser Bicycle

Updated February 2018

We at the Earthbox Inn & Spa offer beach cruiser bicycles to our guests to check out for free. We have twenty orange and purple cruisers and have virtually never ran out. Here is how it works: you come to our front desk and sign a release form for you and your minors. Kids under 18 have to wear a helmet; we offer helmets to anyone. We only have one size of beach cruisers. If you need a smaller bike for your kid, check out Island Bicycles across the street from us. We ask you for a credit card to hold on to and to come back within four hours. You will ask us for a lock and with a huge smile and great pleasure we will tell you that you won’t need one. Friday Harbor is not only absolutely adorable and everybody knows our bikes, it is also the safest place I know.

Fun to be had on Earthbox' free Beach Cruiser Bikes

San Juan Island, an ancient mountaintop from a different time, is very hilly. Even though it has been done by the few and the brave, we don’t recommend to take our cruisers all over the island or rely on them as your only mode of transportation. We do, however, recommend the 5 lovely outings below, guest tested and Earthbox approved.

Jackson's Beach on San Juan Island

1) Breakfast at Jackson’s Beach (2 miles)

Bring a backpack and get a to-go breakfast or lunch at the Saturday Farmer’s Market or the Bean Cafe. Get something bottled to drink. You may think you can ride one-handed with a coffee in your other. Milk foam covered returning guests prove otherwise.

Take Argyle Street out of town, cruise by the fairgrounds and take a left on Pear Point Road. You will see the beach on your right shortly. Jackson’s Beach has a volleyball court, barbecues, and sitting benches. The waters are calm, the drift wood beach is pebbly and you’ll see the Olympics glistening in the background.

Go back as you came.

Jackson's Beach just a mile from Friday Harbor

2) Pear Point Loop (5 miles)

This easy loop around Friday Harbor is perfect for families with kids.

Take Argyle Street out of town and take a left on Pear Point Loop. Cruise by Jackson’s Beach and continue along the water, through fields and by very impressive homes. There are plenty of places to stop and take in the view. The Loop gets you back into Friday Harbor where the ferry lands…and where the San Juan Ice Cream Co. is.